Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Celebration at Sunrise Jubilee Farm

Signs lead us to the farm at the northern border of Florida. To get there, you
need to enter Georgia for a while before turning into their road back into Florida.

This Saturday afternoon celebration was a change of pace from my other book tour events. The Sunrise Jubilee Farm, a new organically run operation, held a community-wide pot-luck dinner party.
Jennifer Asbury and me.

Jennifer and I met on Facebook where she was talking about the farm that she and her husband Joe have started. I suggested that we could create an event as an open-house, introduction to the community event where I could talk about organic gardening and sell my books.

The rest of the event, she, her family, her church, and her neighbors put together. And what a great party it was. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Plus the weather was beautiful.

A carpenter bee visits my flat parsley blooms.

This family bought a copy of my book.  I see more vegetables in their future.

Red okra: just one of the many crops growing out in the fields.

A sassy scarecrow guards the gardens.



This dragonfly visited one of my sunflowers. It was in the same vase as the curly parsley where a black swallowtail butterfly caterpillar had been browsing. I didn't get a photo of the cat, but after I'd noticed the dragonfly, the caterpillar was gone.

This lady seemed to attract the dragonflies. I saw her several times with dragonflies on her fingers.

Herding geese!

A water slide serves to entertain the kids.
The baby bunnies were popular attractions.

What a great cake from a neighbor!

Everyone brought a covered dish to share. There was a wide choice of food from fried chicken and watermelon to cole slaw and various fruit salads plus this fabulous cake.
Three Christian bands provided music throughout the afternoon.
At the end of the day, as a surprise for Gramma, Jennifer had arranged
for one of her coworkers to perform a belly dance!
The hayride had a lot of takers. Here the sun sets through the Spanish moss on the pecan trees.
And so, the sun set on a wonderful afternoon.  I wish Jennifer, Joe and the rest of the Asbury family all the best in their endeavors on the farm.

Green Gardening Matters,
Ginny Stibolt

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