Monday, December 23, 2013

The holidays in Florida

Sugar snap peas are delish right from the vine. Starting from the point of the knife: oregano, curly parsley, garlic chives, purple & orange carrots, sugar snap peas.
It's two days before Christmas and the rains are headed our way, so it was time to harvest some of the Christmas dinner.  The rain will bring a cold front, but it's 80ยบ, so my attire was tropical. Here's the plan for this harvest:
- Sugar snap peas: the young ones will be steamed with butter, while the older pods will be used in the pesto dip.
- Purple and orange carrots will be cut in thin diagonal slices for dipping in the pesto, while the rest of them will be steamed with butter.
- Lime basil, curly parsley, garlic chives, and oregano will be used in the pesto dip.

We'll be having a large pear salad as part of our vegetarian dinner, but I'll wait to harvest the lettuce until right before it's needed. My daughter and her husband will be arriving tomorrow night. As usual, the cooking will be a team effort. Fun!

Merry Christmas from Florida
The house is a decorated as it's going to be with a few poinsettias and a couple of stunning tropical sage bouquets!

See my two other posts today: The magic of the mistletoes over on the Beautiful Native Plants blog.  One of the comments made me laugh: From Marilyn: '“…when we think about the magical and mythical mistletoe and how it stays alive even while its host appears to be dead.” And then, only to be shot down by some trigger-happy hemi-parasite poacher. Mangled movie title: “They Shoot Mistletoe, Don’t They?” Who knew? What a fascinating article.'

Wild things wreath!

The second post is Christmas is for the birds on the Florida Native Plant Society blog. My wild things wreath is the one you don't see in that post. But since I've added the cranberry chains, I have yet to see any birds investigate, but maybe I haven't been sitting at my computer long enough since then to notice or maybe they gave up.

I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year.  Thanks for reading.

Green Gardening Matters,
Ginny Stibolt

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  1. What a wonderful wreath! I have cut up the native red berried holly down here in south Fl, and used before. Doesn't last too long though, sadly!