Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunrise at Spring Park

I went to Spring Park in Green Cove Springs this morning for the sunrise to see the partial solar eclipse. We have too many trees in our neighborhood for a good eastern horizon. What a beautiful morning!
The outlet of the spring into the St. Johns Rive in Green Cove Springs.
Looking back toward the spring: the white pool house is on the right and in the background the arched walkway surrounds the Green Cove Springs City Hall.
The wonderful light just before sunrise reflects from the water's surface.
There were a number other other people in the park taking in this special sunrise, but we were not alone--there were a lot of birds.
An osprey atop a bald cypress. A great white heron in the rushes.
Before the sun rose into view.
As the sun rose up into the cloud bank, you can see the shadow of the moon at the bottom left in this partial eclipse.
The rising sun in the narrow shadow of a lone cabbage palm.

After the sun rose from the cloud bank we could see the shadow of the moon, but the sun blew out the photos.  So the above photo is the best shot of the partial eclipse.

The best view of the eclipse was in western Africa, but this was a wonderful morning.

Back to gardening next time. The plants are happy with the 2.75 inches of rain that we received yesterday along with a cold front. Cold is a relative term here in northern Florida--it was in the low 50s here this morning.

Green Gardening Matters,
Ginny Stibolt

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